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Division of Developmental Disabilities-Approved Community Care Solutions

Unleashing possibilities in transportation, career planning, interpreter services, and supported employment—approved and accredited by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Our Promise:

At Priority Group Services, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled care and support. With our recent inclusion in the DDD program, we’re even more dedicated to enhancing the lives of those we serve. Expect nothing but excellence as we continue to strive for the highest standards in care.

Career Planning

Priority Group Services offers career planning services that are crafted to empower DDD enrolled individuals throughout New Jersey in their pursuit of meaningful and sustainable employment. We are enrolled under New Jersey’s Research Apprenticeship Program which shows our dedication to contributing to a better community.

Interpreter Services

Elevate your community and workplace integration with Priority Group Services’ Interpreter Services. Committed to eliminating communication barriers for DDD enrolled individuals and groups across New Jersey, our professional interpreters ensure seamless interaction. Benefit from our flexible services and let us empower your communication experience and enhance your connection within the community or workplace.

Supported Employment

At Priority Group Services, our goal is to empower individuals to succeed in the workplace by offering tailored employment support services to DDD enrolled individuals and groups that ensure their success, fostering a conducive environment where abilities are recognized and valued.

Supported Employment


At Priority Group Services, we take pride in delivering specialized transportation solutions to ensure DDD enrolled individuals have seamless access to vital services and community engagements. Our vehicles are equipped with emergency kits and enhanced accessibility, providing a reliable means for you to access essential services and engage with your community seamlessly.


We provide staffing, cleaning, home healthcare services, as well as DDD services such as career planning, interpreter services, supported employment and transportation.

  • Use the Provider Search Database at https://irecord.dhs.state.nj.us/ProviderSearch, to identify Support Coordination Agencies that serve the county where the individual resides.
  • Go to the Filter dropdown and follow these steps:
  1. Select Service and check Support Coordination
  2. Select County Served and check the County where the individual resides
  3. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right
  • Call and/or visit several potential Support Coordination Agencies, and/or ask for recommendations from individuals/families you know, who already are receiving services, to make an informed choice about which agency is a good fit for the individual’s needs.
  • Complete and submit the Support Coordination Agency Selection Form. The Support Coordination Agency Selection Form is available on the Support Coordination page of the DDD website or can be requested by contacting the DDD Community Services Office that serves the individual’s county of residence.

We are approved to provide our services in all 21 counties of New Jersey.

Yes, we are looking to expand our team. Please call 718-400-6166 or email info@nj.prioritygroups.org for more information regarding the application process.

Yes, we are looking to expand our corporate links. Please call 718-400-6166 or email  info@nj.prioritygroups.org for more information regarding the application process.

Services can be delivered either in the individual’s home or in a community setting, depending on their preference and specific needs.

We are a MWBE certified business which has been growing since 2018. We are also enrolled in the Research Apprenticeship Program of New Jersey which shows our commitment and expertise in changing individuals for a better future.

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, age 21 and older, living with their families or in other unlicensed settings.

The NJCAT (New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool) is a tool that DDD uses to evaluate an individual’s support needs in three main areas: (1) Self-care, (2) Behavioral, and (3) Medical. Completion of the NJCAT is required for any individual who wishes to access DDD services.

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